Top 4 Essential Tips For Moving A Mattress Alone

It isn’t necessary to hire expensive mattress movers if you can make a move on your own. Getting aid from a relative who is already swamped might be seen as an intrusion or a burden. The money spent on a professional moving company is money well spent. Because of this, most individuals who move also carry their beds. It may be challenging to move a heavy mattress by yourself. However, this is also seldom a problem. Before you start, consider how much weight you’ll need to move and whether you have the strength to do it. The typical weight of a bed is between 40 and 180 kg (kg). The size and structure of your mattress may tell you a lot about its quality. Moving a memory foam mattress on your own may be challenging if you have mobility issues, a poor back, or substantial joint discomfort. Moving a mattress is time-consuming and physically demanding without a car or a group of firm friends to help.

Preparing The Bedspread

Get rid of the bed linens first. If the bed is brand new, there shouldn’t be any problems. Use a full moving box, a vacuum-seal bag, or even a trash can to prevent your bedding from being squished or destroyed while in transportation. Between uses, you may keep the bed clean and free of dust and grime by covering the mattress with a plastic sheet. It prevents dust mites, liquids, and stains from damaging the mattress. If you must go out in the rain, protect your electronics and other valuables by wrapping them in plastic. Use a mattress bag over your plastic-covered bed for more protection.

Helps Things Go Smoother

Just because you’ve packed your mattress for a trip doesn’t mean you’re ready to go. Ensure the mattress and other bedroom furnishings are on the floor while rearranging the space. The shortest distance between two landmarks should be considered as well. Park the car where it won’t be an obstruction. Reclining the seats is a necessary first step to get in and out of the automobile via the trunk or passenger door. You will only have to hustle a little in the morning if you load up the car the night before.

Use Your Best Effort

The lifting step is crucial, so pay attention to it. Despite their softness, mattresses can be dangerous if mismanaged during transport. Leg power is always superior to back power when getting things done. Those with knee or hip issues might consider wearing a brace when moving a mattress to avoid additional harm. All fours, with shins parallel to the floor, are optimal for carrying a mattress. If you don’t believe me, show me your doubt by spreading your hands on the bed. To sit upright while still clinging to the bed, extend your legs as far as they can. If the pain gets too much, the best thing to do is to get out of bed and face it.

To A Car Or Plane

Don’t even consider attempting to fit your mattress or other bulky items into the trunk of your automobile. You may think it’s less painful to move your mattress from one room to another inside the same building than to move it to a different place. However, transporting a bed up or down many flights of stairs may be challenging. A mattress is too cumbersome to carry while driving a car safely. Taking the mattress on a long car ride may be troublesome. The distance and weight of the mattresses make transferring them to the waiting vehicle time-consuming. Before attempting to jam a mattress into the back of your car or onto your motorcycle, please take the time to get precise mattress dimensions.